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Monitor Audio Launches NEW Gold Signature Series

After over 30 years experience at raising the bar for the worlds most demanding consumers, Monitor Audio introduces Gold Signature, a new flagship range that reaches unprecedented standards of design, innovation, performance, technical excellence, build quality and value in its class. Monitor Audio can take you from the loudest explosion to the softest whisper in a heartbeat. Deliver passion with precision. Connect you directly to musics emotional heart. We believe you should never settle for a contrived image when you can have absolute, true-to-life clarity. Nor should you settle for cutting-edge technical innovation without meticulous craftsmanship. Which is why Monitor Audio is synonymous with material and sonic excellence around the world. The elegantly proportioned GS60 embodies all the conviction and integrity of Monitor Audio design. Its thirty year heritage is eloquently expressed by a compelling unity of cutting-edge innovation and aesthetic creativity bringing life-like power, dynamics and realism to music and film. Like all models in the Gold Signature range, the flagship GS60 is a monument to the cabinet-makers art. Immaculate real wood or piano gloss finishes are blended with a slender, contemporary design and superb attention to detail, investing the GS60 with an air of resolute quality. The GS10 re-writes the book on compact monitor performance, easily eclipsing the dazzling standard set by its predecessor, the GR10. It may be small, but the GS10 showcases the multiple talents that make Gold Signature series so remarkable. With its advanced, low-resonance drivers, rigid build and contoured cabinet edges, the GS10 redefines accurate, low-colouration sound in a compact, stylish stand-mount speaker. Using the new, low distortion 6 1/2 inch RST® 2 bass-mid driver and gold C-CAM® tweeter developed especially for the GS series, the GS10 is capable of true 3-D imaging and tonal accuracy. Amazing as it may seem, a centre speaker may be required to reproduce over 60% of the entire output of a film soundtrack. This means that it must deliver the dramatic impact of explosions and sound effects as precisely as it recreates the many tonal subtleties of dialogue. The outstanding dynamic reach and generous power handling of the Gold Signature LCR speaker allow it to master the most dynamic drive conditions with ease and still have something in reserve. Monitor Audio has optimised the design to provide accuracy and control over a wide listening area while preserving the exact tonal signature and balance of the GS Series. This means that the GS LCR will integrate perfectly with any of the speakers in the Gold Signature range. The GS FX is a completely new design from Monitor Audio. Its advanced dual mode configuration can be switched automatically by a processor to accommodate a range of surround sound applications. The speakers slim-profiled angled baffle design incorporates no fewer than three driver pairs. When used in monopole mode to reproduce discrete side or rear channels, its front-firing 6 1/2 -inch RST® 2 bass/mid driver and gold C-CAM® tweeter come into play, delivering an accurate wide bandwidth sound-field to complement perfectly a front-channel GS speaker combination. The GS FX in dipole mode uses two side-firing pairings of 4-inch C-CAM® bass/mid driver and gold C-CAM® tweeter combined with the tailored output from the front-firing bass/mid driver to provide wonderfully diffuse yet tonally precise surround effects.
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