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Monitor Audio: NEW! Gold Series Speakers

The new Gold is a completely 'ground up' design featuring advanced driver technologies and materials amalgamated to form a real world, yet truly esoteric speaker range. Harnessing the amazing sonic characteristics demonstrated by the prestigious Platinum series, many PL technologies have been used with meticulous attention to detail and passion at every step of the design process. Gold Features " G C-CAM® Ribbon Transducer extends response to 60kHz " G midrange, mid-bass and bass drivers feature RST® or Rigid Surface Technology " Our precisely ribbed C-CAM® driver cones have: - Increased stiffness - Lower mass - No cone flexibility Result: fast transient response, wide dynamic range, and low distortion " Single bolt-through driver attachments for improved bracing and driver/baffle de-coupling " Magnetically-attached metal mesh grille design to give low diffraction, resulting in improved off-axis dispersion " Curved cabinet profile for increased rigidity and reduced internal standing waves " Large radius cabinet edges provide low diffraction and smoother overall response " Hand-built rigid 20mm (.8") multi-laminate MDF/hot-pressed ply-wood shells, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity, resulting in low cabinet coloration " Pureflow® Silver internal cabling " High quality crossovers with premium grade polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors are used throughout " Die-cast alloy terminal panel arrangement with high quality bi-wire terminals and silver-plated bi-wire links " Proprietary HiVe®II reflex ports have straight-rifled construction to reduce turbulence and increase air speed through the port, resulting in faster, cleaner bass " Die-cast alloy floorstander flared plinths with hand-milled spikes (non-slip rubber pads also included) Monitor Audio's proprietary ribbon tweeter design uses an ultra-thin sandwich of C-CAM alloy suspended in a powerful transverse magnetic field of high energy NeFeB rare earth magnets. The ribbon serves as both voice coil and radiating diaphragm, with every part of the ribbon driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage. Having a mass of just 18mg, its diaphragm is able to start and stop in an instant, producing a transient response capable of defining the leading edge and natural harmonic resonance of complex musical sounds. Specified to reach ultra-high frequencies up to an elusive 100 kHz, Monitor Audios magical ribbon tweeter will reproduce with ease every last nuance and detail from vinyl, CD, DVD-A and SACD, together with the wider bandwidth of Blu-ray. Contact us for more information: 603-424-1968,
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